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Located in fertile department of Boyacá, Guacamayas is one of the most important municipalities of Colombia as far as its crafts talks about. Guacamayas is stop-by place for the tourists who wish to arrive at the Sierra Nevada of Cocuy, land of orchids and amiable people. The green one of its mountains, accompanied by red, the yellow one and purple of its flowers, like the blue one of the sky, remembers not only the plumage of the Guacamayas (Macaws in spanish, but also it serves as evocation the craftsmen who combine colors wonderfully in their works of basketwork to make laundry baskets, paper bins, placemats, fruit baskets, Pen Holders, Casserole Holders, Cutlery Baskets, Vases, bags, etc; besides being utilitarian objects, they are decorative, due to their beautiful colors. The laches indians who were the first inhabitants of this population created this basketwork in vegetable fiber whose technique is the roll weave, that consite in covering a soul of white straw with threads of fique of diverse colors.
The elaboration of the crafts is totally manual, from the vegetable fiber treatment to the weave of the product. Our crafts are elaborated with the best quality of vegatable fiber and colouring; following carefully step by step the colouring techniques, to assure major firmness in the diverse tones. We remain making innovations in new designs and in addition we have mixed the crafts with new elements like wood, wood with incrustations, ceramic wood, ivory palm, nickel silver and silver, without losing the essence of the art of our ancestors.

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